When building an unexpected expense! Emergency funding to “connect loan” I learned [masterpieces of caching:

Housing loans are not disbursed at once! Useful when it “connecting financing” and is? Ties consist of loans used for payments to contractors during that time required, such as loans and missing funds necessary for housing loan execution when buying a new home through borrowing temporarily, until the mortgage is executed
You must pay only the interest.
This jumpsuit is can eliminate the deviation of the timing of the funding to make loans.
If you buy a newly built (1) the building claim negative contract construction companies construction pay.
(2) intermediate money paid at the end of the topping.
(3) building at the end (housing completion) to pay the balance.
You need three types of payment to the real estate and construction companies.
However, takes a long time until the mortgage is executed for a loan is used.
Not financially afford it batsunagi loan is required, but those who do less.
Those who appreciate loans;
Not in us loans everywhere!
“Tethering loan” of notes strung, the loan notes-thing is not even where the financial institution handling.
Without enough funds to check things that when choosing a mortgage can be finally calm loan available.
And interest rates are high!
Is set at higher interest rates, not as much as mortgage interest rates, connect higher interest loans at an interest rate, the longer the loan period is longer.
And in addition to this, you can take other expenses, such as Commission.
Fees and expenses, such as postage or loan fees, transfer fees, seal registration certificate, residence documents.
“Tethering loan” is also useful for emergency funding, but interest rates are high I’ll know!
Connect loan benefit is you can make plan a high-degree of Freedom House.
I say it is indispensable in order to smooth the flow of funds own funds less those who are very useful in a residential building on.
But has the drawback of higher interest rates, but very useful.
Generally strung around roughly 2 percent in interest rates on loans, high there over 4%.
Link covers the expenses long term rent for interest on loans is calculated on a daily basis.
For instance. 30 million yen of loans borrowed at an interest rate of 3% per month or 30 million yen x 3, 0% x 30 days (365 days) = 73972 strung more than 73,000 yen per month interest, loan period becomes 2 months, 3 months, and 2 x,
Interest will increase swelling and three times.プロミス 深谷